Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Question

Morning sun stretches through the cave door, slips across the dry dirt floor, reaches, as all creation does, to the manger-cradle, to the babe who lies, all embracing, alert to the possibilities, amongst straw and hay, hope and love. Teenage parents rest nearby, the shepherds gone, the kings not yet arrived, the future about to begin.

All this because God said, “I will”.

All this because Mary and Joseph said, “I will”.

And what comes next, what follows after, whether disaster or compassion, fear or hope, hate or love, depends on one thing. Do we dare, despite the risks, and against all obstacles, challenges and hindrances, to call out to eternity and to our homeless God with outstretched hand: “I will”?

A knock at the door, a cry in the night, and a question in our hearts. For courage, hope, peace, justice and especially for love… Merry Christmas.

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