Sunday, November 29, 2009

Faith of God

My daughter turned 18 this past Thursday. (An interesting feat on her part since I'm still 29! :)). She's in her first year of university in a different city so, for the first time in my life, I didn't get to hug her on her actual birthday. I didn't expect this to be a problem. We had celebrated together last weekend. But on the day of her birthday, I found myself choking up repeatedly. She patiently endured all five phone calls from me. And I celebrated, with my husband and son, the wisdom and goodness of our now adult daughter.

I wonder sometimes, what it is like for God to watch his (or her) children grow? I wonder what it is like from God's perspective to let them go? To limit Godself to calls and moments, but to keep out of their decisions and believe that they will make their own way safely? We talk about the faith of humans, but what an incredible thing is the faith of God.

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  1. God's lucky; He knows that everything turns out fine in the end. :)